Postcards Collection

您好,Postcards Collection相簿中的電影明信片是我們全部的收藏,恕不交換,與愛好電影明信片的同好分享,歡迎參觀。

Hi Friend,Those movie postcards below those album are all my collection,not for trade。
Sharing with the person having the same habit in movie postcard,enjoy。

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在〈Postcards Collection〉中有 5 則留言

  1. Great! It really made my day.
    Could you please give me your e-mail address so I can send you my preferences and address.
    Really thank you for swapping cards with me.

    Best wishes,
    Kylie x

      1. @martaro
        Sorry>< I am not an ad card collector but I do have 3 movie postcards.
        I have a postcard related to The Mummy (1999), the another one is Hunger Games 2 and the last one is 腦男 by Ikuta Toma.

        Sorry for a small offer.

        Best wishes,
        Kylie x


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